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Barakel Straight Egyptian Arabians
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Breeding Philosophy
    To produce the best possible Black Straight Egyptian Arabians in conformation, type, movement and over all quality.  To never compromise in the pursuit for excellent conformation, type,  and movement in a quest for color.  
    Based on extensive research  in conformation,  genetics,  pedigree and production ability "prior" to acquiring breeding stock a  theory  developed this breeder refers to "genetc  fingerprinting in reproduction". This theory not only proved true but also proved  that with knowledge a  high amount of predictability in resulting foals could be obtained.   Based on this theory the choice to use mostly non black mares to obtain black  was made.  Some of the resulting offspring have now gone  to other farms to become other farms breeding  foundation. Breeders  like myself committed to quality first,  color last.
    Now to give credit where credit is due.