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Barakel Egyptian Arabians presents US National Futurity Champion Halter Stallion and multi National Top Ten. Champion and Champion producer, Bred by Gleannloch Farms this Stallion became a Champion Producer for Dr. John Coles, Stonebridge Farms, Canda
Bred by Gleannloch Farms

Last owned   by Dr. John Coles  of  Stonebridge Farms, Canada  
and Board Member of The Pyramid Society

1971 U.S. National Champion Futurity Colt
1972 U.S. National Top 10 Stallion
1975 U.S. National Top 10 Stallion  
1975 Canadian National Top 10 Stallion

Sire of 16 National winners, 3 Championships (1 halter, 2 performance)
1 Reserve (halter) 20 Top 10's (15 halter, 5 performance)

Info as of 1986

"There are a few special horses in the history of this breed that set the standards, and  I am certain that Dalul will join them," Mark Coles stated in 1986. "Years from now,   people will appreciate Dalul in much the same way that *Morafic or Alaa El Din blood is respected today. Egyptian breeders will want to see his blood in their pedigrees."

Nazeer  RAS    (G)   1934
*Morafic  (G) 1956
Mabrouka   EAO   (C) 1951
Dalul  (C)  AHR/CAHR 1968

*Dawlat EAO/AHR  (C)  1961
Anter  IOHB   (C)   1946

Shahzrada  EAO   (C)  1955

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